Lego Club

Dr. O’Dea has always enjoyed building with Legos and she wanted to share her love of building with Legos with students.

The Lego Club was created this semester and four students were chosen to be in this club. They are working on a New York Architecture set. Their first meeting was very productive and the students are working great under Dr. O’Dea’s mentoring.




Alfred Hernandez made the suggestion that if they each had a copy of the instructions, they could each work on a building at the same time”. The group thought that was a great idea and plan to implement that strategy at the next meet up.

Lego Club members in order: Ellie Dwyer, Dr. O’Dea, Aiden Smith, Aiden Valdes, Alfred Hernandez

The educational benefits of building with Legos are;

  • promotes fine motor skills
  • encourages team work
  • improves creativity
  • develops problem solving and mathematical thinking
  • improves communication skills
  • develops persistence
  • improves self-esteem

Check back to see the final product of the build!