5th Grade goes to JA Biztown

The Fifth Grade students had an amazing opportunity to go to JA Biztown at the beginning of February. Each fifth grader completed rigorous curriculum with Ms. Sariah in order to ensure that they would be prepared and educated in the material and content that they would experience at Biztown. Each student learned how to write a check, balance a checkbook, calculate interest, how to take out a bank loan, open a savings and checking account, learned the difference between debit and credit cards and so much more!

Before attending JA Biztown, the fifth graders competed research on the job opportunities that interested them the most, and then had an interview with Ms. Charlotte on their top 3 choices! They explained they had mixed emotions, such as nerves, excitement, confidence and so on!
Each student did an absolutely amazing job at their business the day of the field study, and said it was one of the best field studies they have been to!