Greco Hall Construction: Phase 1

Phase 1 Demolition Begins

On January 23rd, 2019, construction began on Phase 1 of the Greco Hall Outdoor redevelopment. A demolition crew removed the old playground located on the southwest side of Greco Hall.

The turf and smaller playground in the very back of Greco Hall has been removed to make way for a new multifunctional interactive playground. Improvements are being made to the existing pond area to improve water management and the ground will be graded to improve water flow. Once these improvements are made, the real fun begins.

On one side, the field will be turned into basketball courts where several games can be played at one time. In the center, will be a wide-open space filled with Blue Blocks. Students will be able to create many different types of structures.

Finally, on the other side under the trees, an art center will be created. Several large clear plexiglass canvases will be placed so students can express themselves creatively through the use of various art mediums.

Keep an eye our for more updates.