Staff Profile – Josh Crabtree, Student Support

Staff Profile - Josh Crabtree, Student Support

How did you end up here at Trinity?

I have been teaching in Hillsborough county since 1999. I feel fortunate to have served the last 4 years at Trinity and plan on spending many more.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

Helping students learn through experimentation.

If you had unlimited funds, what educational experience would you bring to Trinity?

I would build an external science lab where students can learn the processes of science and how and why it works. This lab would serve all areas of science and mathematics and would be equipped to serve EC-8th grade.

What is your favorite:

  • Movie? – The Empire Strikes Back
  • Book? – Hitch-22
  • Musical Artist? – Freddie Mercury
  • Candy?– Anything Sour
  • Restaurant? – First Watch
  • Memory? – My wedding and the birth of my children