Staff Profile – Heather Linville, Music Teacher

Staff Profile - Heather Linville, Music Teacher

How did you end up here at Trinity? I was a student at UT, in Mr. Joe’s first class as an adjunct professor. He had us do a project in which we had to come to Trinity to interview some students and teachers, and I immediately said this is the school for me. I was adamant about teaching here and kept calling until they said they had a position for me. 

What is your favorite part about teaching? I love when I get to work with students on any kind of show or performance. I get to watch them from the beginning stages of practicing all the way to the final product. When they feel the reward of putting on a great show, and I see their faces light up, that’s just the best. 

 If you had unlimited funds, what educational experience would you bring to Trinity? Having a full auditorium/theater on campus.  

What is your favorite:

Movie? Titanic

Book? The Outsiders

Musical Artist? Steven Tyler! (Aerosmith)

Candy? Anything chocolate

Restaurant? Anything Italian

Memory? Watching my son, Styler, meet his baby brother, Archer, for the first time.