Staff Profile – Cleopatra Doyle, Visual Arts Teacher


How did you end up here at Trinity?

I started at Trinity back in 2007 when my first son was starting EC 4/5’s. I needed to go back to work and wanted to be at a good school with my son. II stopped working when my second son was born and came back to Trinity when my second son was ready to start kindergarten for the same reason.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

I love seeing a student struggle with something hard in my class and then learn how to work through it and find success. I love seeing that lightbulb go on when they discover a new concept or idea. I am grateful for the opportunities to make connections with my students and influence them for good. 

If you had unlimited funds, what educational experience would you bring to Trinity?

Trips abroad for all students to understand the world a little better.

What is your favorite:

Movie? The Sound of Music

Book? Les Miserables

Musical Artist? I don’t have a favorite. I like all kinds of music, especially happy music.

Candy? Butter Fingers and lemon drops (not together)

Restaurant? I like to try new restaurants.

Memory? Holding my boys for the first time.