INTERVIEW: Maria Carrascal, Speed Skater


Maria Carrascal, Gold Medal Winner

How did you get started in speed skating? “I started skating when I was 3 ½ years old. I was influenced by my cousin who was a National Champion.”

How long have you been training? “I have been training since I was 5. I would workout 6 or 7 hours everyday.”

How do you prepare yourself for competitions? “My team, Stardust, and I warm up by stretching and doing what we know to do. You need to be confident about yourself and your skating partner.”

What is going through your mind when it is time to perform? I like to keep my mind blank or just talk to someone. Sometimes if I over think, my nerves just start showing and you don’t want that.”

When the judges announced your win, how did you feel? “I cannot describe the feeling. It was everything. Every single moment of pain, happiness and every other feeling was released. Everything I dreamed for was here.”

What was the first thing that entered your mind? “I remembered when I was 7 and I had a problem with my knee and I wanted to quit. I am glad I didn’t.”

What are your future goals in speed skating?  “I want to keep improving and make it to the National team and go to the World Series in Spain in 2019. I am so grateful for my coaches who are always there for me and trusted me and my abilities.”