Iron Man Suit A Reality?


Richard Browning

Richard Browning and his Iron Man suit

The Iron Man suit is a reality in the Modern World, Richard Browning is the man that made this amazing suit a reality.  The suit is capable of launching from the ground and will fly nine minutes before it starts to lose power.  It has two exoskeletons fitted with 6 small jet engines, two jet engines for each hand and two jets on the back. It’s communication systems have Wi-Fi to allow for ground monitoring. The suit thrusts for a vertical takeoff, straight up to the sky. Once it’s airborne, the jet suit requires very precise movements to maintain control.

Richard Browning demonstrated the suit at 45 events across 16 different countries. He says, “This suit could reach an altitude of 12,000 feet and go 280 miles per hour”.  These jet suits have gained in popularity around the world. Tom Cruise, an actor from Hollywood, learned to fly the jet suit in earlier this year. Richard Browning is in talks with the producers of James Bond and Mission Impossible for possibly using the jet suit in one of their movies. The suits sell for $433,000, not too bad if you can afford it! This jet suit is awesome; they have made so much progress since the beginning, when they were slower and harder to control.