The Best Week Of My Life

Baseball began in 1839 on Doubles Day Field in Cooperstown, New York. Cooperstown is also where they induct all of the players into the Hall of Fame. The first two teams to ever play on Doubles Day Field, were two up-state New York high school teams. Cooperstown was founded in 1786 by William Cooper.

Visiting Cooperstown Dreams Park during a tournament, was the best week of my life. Cooperstown is where baseball began. I went there with a team called the TBSA Patriots. My team got the first seed out of 104 teams. On elimination day, we lost to a team called the Onley Pirates. Even though we lost, it was still great to play where baseball began. After we los,t we all went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was the coolest thing to see all of the players plaques. Over all Cooperstown Dreams Park was the best week of my life!