Spoto Hall Renovations

Have you noticed the new renovations in Spoto Hall? New doors, new landing…

In Spoto Hall they replaced the doors leading out to the P.E courts with double doors. Outside of the double doors, they added a larger landing. On the opposite side of the Spoto Hall, they added a set of double doors next to the 5th grade classrooms for emergency purposes. I asked my fellow classmate Eduardo Leon, a few questions about the new renovations. Eduardo wished they added a new playground, but he feels the

“new renovations will make the school more safe.”

I asked E.J Fernandez what he thought and he said “it will help traffic, make the school more safe and the double doors will help him get to P.E on time.” When I asked  Christian Alvarez what he thought, he felt the same as E.J. and that the renovations will help him get to P.E on time as well. In my opinion, I think the renovations will definitely make the school more safe and help traffic flow. I can certainly make it to P.E on time now!

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