Expo Dots In Ms. Sariah’s Class

The students in Ms. Sariah’s 5th grade class have been indulging in long division by using these Dry Erase Dots that were kindly made by one of her students’ parents! Since using the Dry Erase Dots, the students have been working diligently in solving tedious and difficult math problems. The students love using the Dots because it gives them an opportunity to try something different, and it keeps them more engaged!


Statements from the students:

“They’re good to use because it’s something different than using paper and pencil – it is also new, so it is very fun to use!” – Vincent Gonzalez-Roel


“I like the Dry Erase Dots because it doesn’t take up space on your paper – it makes it easy to solve long division problems without taking up a lot of space.” – Jimmy Harkness


“We don’t waste trees when we use the Dots! They also help me with focusing on solving Math problems.” – Gaby Jimenez


“I like the Dots because it is fun, and it makes Math easier!” – Bella Hernandez


Check out the photos below to see how we are using the Dry Erase Dots in class!

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