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A Message From Dr. O’Dea About This Year’s Gala

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One Response to “A Message From Dr. O’Dea About This Year’s Gala”

  1. Henry Mull on April 5th, 2016 4:29 PM

    Dr. O’Dea,
    My wife and I recently attended our 7th annual Trinity Gala! We had such a great time as usual. We were lucky enough to win the 7th Grade combined class project. It was quite the bidding war! Ha! Ha! It’s always so much fun to see and socialize with all of the Trinity teachers and staff outside of the school setting. I saw a lot of smiles and it looked like a good time was had by all! Next year will be our last Gala as after 8 years here at Trinity, Victoria will be entering high school. Each and every year I try and recruit as many Trinity families as possible to attend the Gala. I truly believe some do not understand what a good time it is. I will be recruiting heavily for next years Gala in hope it can become the biggest and best so far! After all, it’s all for the children and our school! Peace. Henry Mull


A Message From Dr. O’Dea About This Year’s Gala